August 24, 1990

This is a backup site for the original Silent Machine ( which is not booting up as of right now. Please don’t leave any precious thoughts, this site might disappear in smoke one day too.

12 Responses to “GuestBook”

  1. oh, yes, let me be your best guest, again 🙂

    in fact, i regret have deleted my blogspot site earlier because all the blockings made me mad – should’ve live with it coz they would one day block wordpress as well anyway.

  2. Anonymous said

    flock 没 release 出来,广告就作出来啦,本以为有 screenshot。 从 about 里连过来的,没想到还有一个国人在这里。 just say hi and good luck.

    wenxin 是你的名字? 不知道怎么的听起来很熟。

    btw, flock 是什么语言环境 (as programming language) ?

    got perl ? hehe

  3. dotann said

    haha, 多谢上面的过客,wenxin可不是我的名字,我的相册里没有我自己的照片儿,请大家多加注意。:) Flock是基于firefox写的,Wired有片文章里介绍得比较详细。

  4. nicotinestain said

    heheh, so far so slashdotted :p

  5. Slashdot –> Wired article –> Frock website –> saw the suspicious “Xiang” among the names.
    Nice blog!

  6. dotann said

    Thanks Mike! My contribution to Flock is somewhat limited, got another full-time job to bang my head at. 🙂 But it’s all looking very promising! 🙂

  7. James said

    Hi, Ann, just came across and see a familiar chinese name, and this public blog, I am also a Firefox/XUL developer, wonder how I can get a flock demo, the download link ask me for a invitation code, I am already in the mailing list, just can’t wait and wanna be the early bird to test it. my email is Nice job and keep up the good works! cheers!

  8. 99403 said

    照片真好. 文章也好. ^_^

  9. Anonymous said

    Compliment for your photos!

  10. like others, i came across your handsome blog following a link from about flock. interesting! that reminds me of the idiom “birds of a flock” 😀

    beautiful writing, wonderful photos. can’t believe they are scanned from negative films. it’s gonna make my friend joe_cool jealous (btw, he shoots exclusively in slides). classic nikon FM2, gee, you give so much to look up upon … simply amazing …

    good luck and best wishes.

  11. shine said

    Ann Xiang,Flock 的开发者~?



  12. usher said


    // 在台灣的訪客–>

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