I Should Really Be Working

November 2, 2005


But I decided to spend Monday night developing my first roll of black and white film. It was quite a mess, all my film development experience was limited to sheet film used in optical experiements at school. Just getting the roll on the film tank took a few nervous and agonized minutes. It seemed to be ages before the developer finally cool down a bit, I was so eager and restless, and ended up developing at two degrees higher than the recommended twenty celcius.

Imagine my excitement hanging the film up, apart from some gray spots on the first and last few frames, all the other frames actually turned out to be just fine! I felt a little dizzy looking at them, even though they were just negatives, I felt as if I could see the exact same thing I saw behind the lens the day they were taken! This must be the same feeling as having a baby? Anyways, I’m happy and content the whole day long, now time to get back to work. 😉

One Response to “I Should Really Be Working”

  1. Noontide said

    在网上找到好几个silent machine,也?知?那个是the latest version。Anyway just come by to say hi,Ann Arbor is getting cold, the OSU game is coming up this week. i changed my blog site too, come by when u get time. Cheers.

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