Targeted Advertising is Fun!

October 27, 2005

I’ve been using gmail on and off for a while, and rather liked its simple and functional interface. The google ads is not a problem for me, most of the time there’s no ad at all, and where there is something, my viewing angle is usually so narrow that I won’t even notice what they say, but lately having switched to gmail for my notification dumping ground, I’ve found some of them rather amusing.

Like tonight, taking a line out of something I said somewhere:

gardenburgers used to taste like cardboard boxes

the google ads that came up for this mail was along the line of these:

Cardboard Box
Huge Selection & Value Priced.

And from the drupal site registration mail

New user registration:
Username: ann

This time I got “related pages”: : Official web site of the US National Soccer Team …

From someone’s blogger reply, the question marks are as is,

???? ???? ??? really… ?????

Now, that put a big question mark on getting a Mustang!

Ford Mustang
Features, specs, prices on all coupes and convertibles.

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