October 25, 2005

Thanks to a friend who was so kind to lend us a slice of his in-kitchen server, we set up drupal for the “Recycle Bin Music Production” site, (just a rough translation of the label / office, and no url at this time.). I said we need to take a look at mambo too, but going through our intial requirements, drupal is already complex enough for a small scale site, I’d better save my energy in the actual design and customization work.

My frist reaction after setting the site up was, “so where is the front page”? Only to realize, after logging in and out quite a few times, that the administrative interface is part of the page layout by default. That can be very useful if you want instant community-like functions, but I was very eager to get rid of every trace of the admin functions, and got my next surprise, the admin interface (admin/* nodes), will not be accessible any other way once it’s removed through the block configuration.

That was easy to fix by editing the blocks table in the database. I don’t have any problem with this scheme, well I do have a problem with this, when the admin interface is integrated in the site interface, then whatever layout and style you choose for the site will be applied to the admin interface too. A lot of users will be more comfortable with having a static and nondescript admin interface, while setting up fancy (not neccessarily read-able) styles for the whole world to see. I know this effect can be easily customized and all that, it’s just a surpise that the default setup is the other way round.

This is the end of my short list of things-I-don’t-like-about-drupal, it looks every way a very flexible CMS with vast potentials.

Watch this space for further thoughts and comments! Now that I’ve got my dream lens, hosting space, the number one item currently on my wishlist is a week-long vacation to forget about everything and “do stuff”.

I’m also secretly taking a series of pictures of all the Recycle Bins around the Bay Area, since the production house is named “Recycle Bin”. Now if you guys know some locations where I can find cool Recycle Bins leave me a note! Other possible subjects of photographic interests are: empty bottles, cardboard boxes. I was told that a trip to Tenderloin and downtown Oakland would give me some inspiration? ๐Ÿ˜‰

3 Responses to “Dru(pa)ling…”

  1. nicotinestain said

    hehe, drupal is good enough for your requirement. And the drupal user account solution is quite smart. I guess you could also try to build up a wiki – which i prefer the less-GUI-ed ZWiki.

    Talking about Recycle bin, do you ever remember the small airport at San Jose? I know it is not a recycle bin … but it’s nice for an album cover ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. gaumont said

    Seriously you could try this:

    Set the timer on your camera and throw it into a RB, let it capture famous california blue sky and sunlight from inside.

  3. ann said

    Thanks gaumont, let’s see if I can find a clean enough recycle bin for that purpose, would the light contrast will be too great to have both the sky and inside of the recycle bin correctly exposed?

    nicontinestain, I’ll go visit San Jose airport for sure, damn, already three month past our initial plan for me to fly out to the east coast and do our cross country drive. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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