The Blog-Calendar?

September 1, 2005

Earlier this year we were looking for some calendar program that could be used for scheduling at work. Even though the ical format is widely used, most of the products out there either can’t fully support importing / exporting ical locations or come with a way complicated interface. We ended up using the excellent webcalender program. Even though I have to remind myself constantly to post event to it. Having a group calendar at all was quite an achivement for our tiny group.

Now that WordPress and other famous blogging tool have finally done away with the calendar thing on the sidebar, I am thinking that sometimes it’s actually useful to generate a full page calendar view for a blog, hopefully with post titles as events on a specific day, just like the monthly view of webcalendar. It’s not an optimum way to setup events, perhaps there’d also be a link to edit a post with a specific timestamp.

Blogging itself won’t replace scheduling, but the idea is that we would be able to see our blogs on a scheduling calendar, eventually there’d be other things like “pictures you took that day”, it will also be cool to generate calendar from multiple RSS feeds… Probably from a service with the name “wudly” (short for “what you did last year”). I don’t understand why most of the online photo service don’t come with a calendar, are people not emtionally attached with the beauty of a monthly calendar anymore? 🙂

Lucky enough the event calendar plugin is already available for WordPress, I’ll see if I have time to make a full page grid layout out of it.

P.S. looks like RSS feed of calendar events is the new standard now. More reason for the existence of wudly.

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