How Important It Is To Have Your Own Template?

August 28, 2005

I’ve realized that most blogger and msn space users are comfortable with the default template, and still write high quality content. Even most WordPress users who have their site hosted on a totally accessible server are sticking with the (very well designed for sure) default templates.

It’s a tiny portion of personality taken away for the sake of convenience. When we were kids our mom used to sew clothes for us, now I buy mass-produced clothes from malls, they’re very well designed and usually fit me just fine, with the poll of possible choices being so large, I might even be able to put some individuality in my daily attire. Had I been able to sew the stuff I wear would look like crap compared to “designer clothes”.

Oh Well…

5 Responses to “How Important It Is To Have Your Own Template?”

  1. Matt said

    You’ll be able to customize things better in the future, we’re working on it. 🙂

  2. ann said

    Cool… Thanks Matt! Did I mention that the admin interface is very SLEEK? 🙂

  3. sayonly said

    maybe a blog w ‘default templates’ is regarded as a jr. blogger’s,is it?

  4. ann said

    sayonly, regarding “jr bloggers” the contents always comes before presentation, in fact most sites I found useful and informational are written in plain html, and have almost minimal design. While dynamic content is the way to go in modern website design, not having a customized template is sometimes even be better than a badly designed template. 🙂 Of course if you have the talent and resources to make a good UI then you should put them to work!

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