Google Result URL Maps?

August 28, 2005

I have found a interesting exercise to map the relationship of the (Chinese) blogosphere based on a specific keyword. It’s a blogosphere game where everyone writes down their five oddities and nominate five more blogger to do the same.

Since these pages are already socially connected by the keyword and nomination, we just have to restrict our mapping to the search result set, (not very large at around 400 distinct pages), make a list of links on each page, and if a link on a page is pointing back to a page in the result set, mark the two connected links as related.

It will be cool to be able to visualize this as a two dimensional “URL map”, I searched left and right to see if such a visualization already exists, but there’s just too much to dig at.

Here’s something that might do the visualization part.

The bad news is that keyword buzz like these won’t last long before the keywords themselves got washed off blog front pages. It’ll be a while till we can get such a strongly connected set of pages based on a pretty unique keyword.:(

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